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Construction Project Manager

Looking for a Construction Project Manager for Electrical Works to join our team in Turku!

Biosolar's vision is to own the entire value chain of solar power production from start to finish. We believe that by constructing power plants for ourselves, we can achieve the maximum return on investment for renewable energy innovations.

Biosolar's projects are built in the field areas of Southwest Finland, and in our plants, we aim to combine agriculture that supports the well-being of nature with renewable energy production.

The company's office is located in Helsinki, but work is carried out in a hybrid model from construction sites, home, and occasionally from the Helsinki office.

The person we are looking for:

- Adopts the proactive working style of a growth company
- Has expertise in systematic procurement and possesses a comprehensive network of collaborations in the Southwest Finland region
- Approaches work with a passionate commitment to quality
- Possesses basic IT skills
- Has the readiness to take on supervisory roles as the company expands

Qualifications we expect from the candidate:

- Electrical Works Supervisor qualification (S1 / S2)
- Minimum of 5 years of work experience in the industry
- Proficiency in Finnish and English languages

Responsibilities of the Construction Project Manager:

- Lead construction projects of solar power plants
- Serve as the safety coordinator for the construction sites under your responsibility
- Collaborate closely with designers and subcontractors
- Develop competition materials and conduct tenders for domestic contractors and foreign suppliers
- Manage project documentation and quality control
- Develop Biosolar's own information systems and processes in collaboration with the Project Development Team
- Oversee the maintenance of power plants


Get in touch, and I'll be happy to provide more details about the job position!

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Ville Kaituri


Biosolar Oy


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