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Energy storages


Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) enable the storage and release of electricity, thus stabilizing the electricity market.


Biosolar primarily implements energy storage facilities in close proximity to solar power plants and existing substations




Our energy storages stabilize the energy market in everyday life and in exceptional situations.

Land areas

Energy storages dont require miracles from the land areas; location is a priority. However, we do pay attention to certain factors when evaluating land to ensure the project aligns with our values.


Maa-alueiden tulisi sijaita kilometrin säteellä lähimmästä sähköasemasta. 


Land areas do not have to be large, an area of a few hundred square meters is often enough.


Hankkeiden onnistuminen vaatii tehokkaan yhteistyön maanomistajan kanssa, suuren kysynnän ja rajallisen tarjonnan takia. 

Project progress

Biosolar handles the entire project implementation and bears the associated risks. Transparency and approval from the local community are crucial for the success of the project. We involve local residents in the planning process from the project's early stages to ensure that the area's unique characteristics are adequately considered.


The project can be initiated either by the landowner or Biosolar.

Preliminary feasibility studies and production analyses are conducted in the area.

Conditional agreement

A purchase or lease agreement is made conditional on the feasibility of the project.


Project planning takes from weeks to a month.


The construction phase takes 2-6 months, depending on the size of the project.


The operational period of energy storages is 15-20 years.

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