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Solar power plants

Our industrial-scale solar power plants generate emission-free energy, benefiting both consumers and larger entities. At the core of our solar power plants lies a focus on sustainability and efficiency.

Solar energy is experiencing growth, and according to Fingrid's estimate, Finland is expected to have up to 7 gigawatts of solar power by 2030. Biosolar leads the way by developing nature-friendly, modern practices.




We are currently developing dozens of solar power projects that, once realized, would reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 80,000 tons annually.

Land areas

To ensure projects aligned with our values, we develop and build our solar power plants in an ecological manner, utilizing modern practices. When evaluating land plots, we pay particular attention to a few general factors.


The areas should be located within a maximum of 10 kilometers from a power substation or power grid.


We are looking for land areas of at least 4 hectares.


The area should be suitable for light construction in terms of terrain and soil conditions.

Energy production

The operational lifespan of a solar power plant is at least 30 years.

Biosolar is responsible for restoring the area once the operation concludes.

Project progress

We take full responsibility for the project's implementation and bear the associated risks. Transparency and community acceptance are crucial factors for the project's success. We involve local residents in the planning process from the outset to ensure that the area's unique characteristics are thoroughly considered.


The project can be initiated either by the landowner or by Biosolar.

Preliminary feasibility studies and production analyses are conducted in the area.

Conditional agreement

A purchase or lease agreement is concluded conditional on the feasibility of the project.


The planning of the project takes from a few months to even years, depending on the required regulatory processes.


The construction of a solar power plant typically takes 3-9 months, depending on the size of the project.

The plant is connected to the national power grid.

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