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Analyst for Biosolar's growing team!

We are looking for students in business or technical fields who are interested in working in project development roles at a renewable energy growth company.

Biosolar develops solar power plants with consideration for the local environment and people.

The Analyst is responsible for background work and information gathering for projects. The Analyst searches and analyzes new areas for future projects, prepares materials, collects information, or performs other support tasks.

Working hours are 20-40 hours per week, with flexible scheduling.

Recruitment will be done as soon as a suitable candidate is found.

Biosolar's office is located in Etu-Töölö.

Key criteria for success in the role include:
- Enthusiastic and interested attitude

- Excellent Excel and PowerPoint skills
- Meticulous and analytical working style

- Ability to make phone calls and investigate issues
- Relevant degree or experience

- We appreciate excellent proficiency in both Finnish and Swedish, as well as a driver's license

Job description:
- Background work and information gathering for projects
- Analysis of information and production of calculations and materials to support decision-making
- Communication with stakeholders and customers, as well as maintaining relationships

- Other ongoing administrative tasks. At Biosolar, everyone, from the CEO onwards, is responsible for everyday tasks.

Description of the Recruitment Process

1. First interview at Biosolar's office or via remote connection.

2. Aptitude test conducted remotely.

3. Recruitment decision will be made during July.

Apply or refer a friend who has the skills or hunger for the role!

For more information about the position, contact Biosolar's CEO Ville Kaituri at 0407622895 or

Apply for the position through the provided Google Forms link.

Analyst (Junior):

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